Saturday, 30 March 2013

try , test , cuba :)

assalamualaikum , hi uooolss . . actually i dont know what i want to write . but maybe i has something to share wit you . do you think is hard to be good person . i mean "solehah" . yes is hard for person say yes and is easy for people take easy . life must be go on . until when we want to live in sin . ya Allah . please give me strong to follow your way . and follow your way until Jannah . amin . to be a good person must be start do the good thing and leave for make our life ruin . sometime Allah give us some test , just because want to hear our voice to ask His forgiveness . ya Rahman , ya Rahim . ALLAHUAKBAR . sometime when we has a some problem we directly said Allah dont love us and blame Allah . ya Allah . if you have feel like that . istighfar first . astaghfirullah hal azim .. Allah always love their slave . door of Taubah will open until sometime sun rises west (kiamat). so, let pray to Allah and ask to Him if u need something . insyaAllah He always give for are those always remember Him and follow the way . amin . i hope somebody can open their heart to accept and believe only Allah can give you everything . what the good thing is all from Allah , and all bad thing from me .